Aine Elessedil was an Elf Prince of Arborlon, the youngest son of King Eventine Elessedil and brother to Arion and Ander.

He was abducted when Trolls raided Arborlon, and taken to an abandoned mine where also the Black Irix was hidden. His father gathered an army to the Streleheim Plains to rescue him. It was proved that his abductors were monsters sent by Brona to instigate a war between Elves and Trolls.

A month passed with him captured. When his abductors saw people coming, they tied him up but during the ambush Aine slipped out and hid in a hole. He threw rocks at Jak Ohmsford who was looking for him, thinking he was working for the Trolls. Jak persuaded to come with them and they went to the military encampment in the Plains. Davio delivered him to his father.