Dr. Alan Paho was a professor in the University of Singapore. He subscribed to the "Enhanced Hyman" school of Evolutionary Dynamics according to which, the next step in the evolution of sentience is the enhancement of human beings by technological means (as opposed to the "Electronic Life Form" school which believes that the next step in evolution is an entirely new form of intelligence).

He launched the project CATALYST as an attempt to simultaneously augment human brain function and provide a direct neural interface with a computer system in 2110, working with a team of nanotech engineers, molecular biologists, genetic engineers, cyberneticists, and optoelectronic engineers to develop the essential technology for brain augmentation and direct neural interface. The work was proceeding apace when funding of CATALYST was threatened by the continuing hostilities between the Alliance and the UN.

Dr. Paho saw the military applications of CATALYST soon after the CATALYST budget was cut for the fourth year in a row by the University of Singapore administration. Dr. Paho joined TeraDyne Corporation and proposed an expansion of the CATALYST project for military use.

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