Prince Ander Elessedil is a Prince of the Elves, the middle son of King Eventine Elessedil. When his young brother Aine Elessedil was abducted, seemingly by Trolls, he followed his father with an army of Elves to the Streleheim Plains.

Davio came with Aine and it was revealed that Brona was returning and orchestrated the war between the two races. Jak Ohmsford brought a message from the Troll King with an invitation to a Challenge of Champions to end the war. Ander was worried that no one can master a Troll in weapons, but Jak proposed to choose a battle of wits to defeat the trolls. Ander participated as the Champion of the Elves against Telsek.

Ander failed to produce magic rocks requested by Telsek, as he didn't know that Davio possessed Elfstones and the Trolls won the war.

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