Arion Elessedil is a Prince of Arborlon, the eldest son of King Eventine Elessedil.

When a party of Trolls raided Arborlon and abducted his younger brother, Aine Elessedil, his father led an army to rescue him and Arion left behind in the Council Chamber.

A military figure, he considered magic ineffective and believed that Brona would be eliminated only by a strong military force and strategy. The Sword of Shannara twice had failed to destroy him. He agreed to see Jak Ohmsford, Shella Leah and Brendel who were seeking Elfstones. Arion doubted that the Elfstones existed, and considered their attempt to confront Brona with magic directly futile, and left them on their own to waste their time.

Lessa tasked the visitors to give a silver ring to Prince Arion, who responded by sending a golden ring to her, a signal that they would court together. In return to the favor, Lessa offered to persuade the Prince of lending his pendant to them, which was the Elf Rune Diamond.

When the visitors departed, Arion, although believing in the futility of their attempts, he respected their courage and granted them a Writ of Free Passage so that they could travel through their armies in Streleheim Plains and speak with King Eventine.

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