Black Irix is an artifact of the Trolls. It is awarded only to the most honorable and respected of Trolls. Allanon told Jak Ohmsford that it is needed to reforge the Sword of Shannara.

Some monsters sent by Brona were disguised as Elves and stole the Black Irix from the Trolls in order to instigate a war between the two races. The Shifter hid it in an abandoned mine with a magic spell, so that the mine would collapse should anyone try to take it. It was found by Jak along with the abducted Prince Aine Elessedil and extracted with the help of Telsek. It was returned to the Troll King in his camp but he refused to stop the war as Brona would be a more difficult opponent than the Elves.

Telsek ended the war by winning the Challenge of Champions and the Black Irix was given to him.