Border Legion is the soldier corps of Callahorn.

Crown Prince Balinor Buckhannah was its leader. When Allanon warned about the return of Brona, the armies of Callahorn prepared against the threat of war. Stenmin persuaded Palance Buckhannah that in a time of peace there was no need for the Border Patrol, and that Balinor intended to use it to overthrow Palance, and persuaded him to disband it.

When Balinor became King, the rebanded Border Patrol rode out to Mermidon River to stop Brona's armies of fierce Trolls and cunning and uncountable Gnomes who burned Kern and were coing to Tyrsis. However they were a tousandfold and though they died in huge numbers, they continued their march and swarmed the banks of Mermidon as the Patrol retreated to the walls of Tyrsis.

20 years after the Third War of the Races, walking dead roamed the streets of Tyrsis every night. The Border Legion defended the weaker sections.

The Border Legion was sent to Leah and they broke the siege. They also defended Shady Vale with the help of Shea Ohmsford.