The Warlock Lord Brona is the enemy of the Four Lands.


Brona was a young ambitious Druid and began to study the dark knowledge within the Ildatch, which corrupted him and became the Warlock Lord.

In the Second War of the Races he was defeated by Jerle Shannara with the magical Sword of Shannara. In the later centuries he wiped out his Elven descendants.

500 years later Brona returned to the Skull Mountain and started the Third War of the Races. Stenmin the advisor of Tyrsis swore loyalty to him and spoke against Druid Allanon's warnings and attempted to destroy its rulers. Armies of Skull Bearers, Trolls and Gnomes attacked Kern and Tyrsis.


Meanwhile the Allanon found the last descendant of Jerle, the half-elven Shea Ohmsford who found the Sword of Shannara and confronted Brona in the Skull Mountain.


20 years after the War, a Gnome used the Ildatch to perform a ritual summoning him from the dead in the Hall of Kings. Brona gave him a a new form. In preparation for his return, Brona sent him to assassinate Menion Leah and plagued Tyrsis with walking corpses. Using Stenmin's magic, Meanwhile monsters started to ravage the Four Lands. Allanon sent Shea's son Jak Ohmsford to warn the rulers of the lands. When in Tyrsis, Jak communicated with Brona through a magical mirror which he broke. The Ildatch attempted to guide and help Jak in order to make him the next Warlock Lord.

Afterwards, Brona ordered his servant to instigate a war between the Elves and the Trolls and for this his minions, transformed as Trolls, abducted Aine Elessedil from Arborlon, while other, transformed as Minions, stole the Black Irix from the Trolls. Thans to Ohmsford's actions, the two races were allies and both directed their actions against Brona.

Jak and his party came to the Hall of Kings and he confronted Brona directly. Despite tempted by the Ildatch, Jak chose not to attack Brona but the Ildatch, which vanished, causing Brona's spirit to dissolve.