Dr. Daggert Morrow was a scientist, the director of the Hype research program when the Pathfinders attacked the base.

After the Alliance of Free States won the Secession War, he was transferred to Persephone; his researches were funded by the SIS but he had the ambition to control the time gate himself.

When Lewis Tyrell was brought to him as a test subject, he injected him with Hype in order to connect him to the artificial intelligence which controls the time gate.

After operating Tyrell, he connected him with a digital system in order to tame and initialize him for connection. Tyrell was connected to Turing Processor Core ADG9001. Once uploaded Tyrell' would not be tamed any more and killed his body so that he wouldn't be distracted by Morrow's rewarding and punishing signals. Morrow was enraged seeing his subject die, and then see the TPC empty, now knowing that Tyrell' had transferred himself to the time gate.

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