Dr. Entropy was a human who was mugged in a junkyard and left for dead. A medical droid attempted to 'restore order' on his body and revive him, however he ended up as a jack in the box. Owing his new condition to the order the robot served, he decided to bring chaos and increase entropy and became the archnemesis of the Superhero League of Hoboken.

For that end, he attempted to construct a ray that would reverse the arrows on road signs so that Caravans would become lost and halt inter-village trade. For that end he entered the Thomas Edison Musem in 2C (4,12) near East Orange village, and created his ray machine. However his plans were foiled by the League.

Some time later, he decided to render urban areas (even more than they already are) uninhabitable and he set up operation in the former Newark airport control tower. He started bioengineering a species of pigeon which wold have perfect aim while pooping even at top speed flying. Again, the League managed to stop him by driving the pigeons mad with the music of Frank Sinatra.

Later, Entropy went to the abandoned Belmont Park racetrack (Sector 3C) to interbreed a sewer rat and a race horse to produce a rat which can outrun any trap or poison. The League foiled his plan and Long Island sectors were not overran.

Seven weeks later, he went again to the ruins of The Bronx sporting facility in Sector 3D, using cryogenic revival to use George Steinbrenner to bring chaos to the world, until the League revived his old friend. Entropy was taken by the enforcement officers immediately after.

Four months later he was found atop the Trump Casino in Atlantic City, developing a tree whose leaves fall off in autumn until after the surrounding lawn has been completely raked, bringing a demoralizing effect on a populace already reeling from a shortage of leaf-vacs. The League stopped his exploits with the use of termites and once more they delivered him to the authorities and put to the highest security prison cell on an airless asteroid beyond the orbit of Jupiter.

A few hourse later it was revealed that he slipped out of his cell and started to contruct a machine in a lab at the crown of the Statue of Liberty which woudl release a huge cloud of gas which would cause everyone within 300 miles to forget which drawer they've stored their scotch tape in, with devastating psychological effect on the population.

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