The Earth Transfer Station (ETS) is an orbital satellite built originally to service the fledgling lunar colony at Farside. It is a huge cylinder which rotates for artificial gravity.

It was expanded by the UN when third-world people demanded to board the CTs for off-Earth colonization.

After the Secession War it was one of the first structures to be restored.

Boost-shuttles connected ETS with earth. From there, cargo pods docked with Moon Shuttle for delivery to the Moon. The ETS also supplies CTs with supplies and colonists; as CTs are too large to dock with the station, light reaction vehicles (localhaulers) transfer cargo and passenger pods to the CTs.

It has a docking bay where shuttles are nestled into a massive shiplock. Once its doors close, it is pressurized then a docking arm swings across and an entryway opens.

Passengers clear transit protocols for their final destinations. A cordoned-off strip runs nearly the whole length of the passenger arcade bustling with people of every description, from arrival to departure. The arcade is overlooked by the windows of a ETS Security office. Orridors connect the arcade with a caro bay full of shipping containers.

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