Eventine Elessedil is the King of the Elves of Arborlon.


His sons are Arion, Ander and Aine.

During the Third War of the Races his troops defended Tyrsis against Brona's armies of Gnomes and Trolls while Shea Ohmsford destroyed Brona.


He signed a plaque with Balinor Buckhannah that his people would forever stand as allies to Tyrsis, and the plaque remained in the library of the city.

Trolls raided Arborlon and abducted Aine. He gathered an army to the Streleheim Plains to rescue his son, leaving Arion in his stead.

Davio returned Aine to him and it turned out that he was abducted by Brona's monsters disguised as Trolls in order to lead the two races to war. The Troll King however would not leave and Jak Ohmsford came to propose a Challenge of Champions.

The Trolls won the Challenge, but then a Troll attacked him from behind, while an Elf attacked the Troll King; both were Brona's monsters. After the new battle, Eventine proposed a truce and gave the Plains to the trolls and returned to Arborlon to gather his armies against Brona.

The Trolls agreed to coordinate their movements. Balinor Buckhannah sent for Eventine to prepare their armies to march directly at the Hall of Kings. He came to meet with him at Tyrsis and discuss about the war, when word came that Jak defeated the Warlock Lord. He sent scouts to the Hall of Kings who returned Allanon, Jak and his party to Tyrsis. Eventine was present at the ceremony to reseal the Sword of Shannara.