Freehold is a village located at the Sector 2A (2,4). It has a brothel (Lucy Goosie for 75, Selma Sulfuryew for 120 and Peter Pumkineeder for 180), a hostelry (25 to rest, 150 to restock), a hardware booth and a shaman.

The brothel had high prices because certain infectous diseases were occupational hazard for them and their local shaman had been charging a fortune. As a result the hostelry also had high expanses and charged outrageous daily raites.

The hardware merchant Crazy Rick charged low prices until all the local artisans who created his goods accepted an offer in Atlantic City at much higher wages so he had to import foreign artisans and house them at the hostelry so he also raised his prices. As a result, the shaman was accused for overbilling and recommending unnecessary diagnostic procedures

Believing that this was undermining the social order in the city-state and threatening its collapse. The Superhero League of Hoboken showed the error of his ways. They suggested to him to lower his prices to the girls and even barter by exchanging services. The shaman was only interested in Ecuadorian ladies. The League made sure tat Juanita stayed there and did not decide to move to a warmer climate.

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