The Gateway Enterprises aka The Corporation is a multinational corporation which exploits the Gateway. It is administered by the Corporation Tower on Earth.

Following the discovery of the Gateway alien installation, and after a series of military confrontations and a narrowly averted war, the major governments of Earth decided that no government would be fit for the invaluable artifact. They agreed to establish a multinational corporation that would occupy Gateway and exploit the Heechee technology. Four countries own all the voting stock: Brazil, Japan, the USA and the USE. Each provides capital to the Corporration and reaps benefits from the exploitation.

It grew into a vast enterprise employing tens of thousands of the world's best and brightest people and revenues exceeded $3.7 trillion.

The Corporation manages the Station, administers an aggressive exploration program using the alien starships and encourages commercial development of the alien technology.

Combined Sentinel Force is the military force responsible for the Corporation, provided by the four major states.

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