George Steinbrenner (b. 1931) was a ballclub owned who inflicted 3 decades of chaos in the sports world. He was suspended from baseball three times, once for making illegal camapign contributions to Dick Nixon; once for paying money to a known gambler to dig up dirt on one of his players; and once for firing his manager and his entire coaching staff and his general manager and all their play-by-play announcers during the fifth game of the World Series (his fondest baseball memory).

In 2002 he was interred by Second Chance™ Systems and put in the Revivification Booth #194 in the New York City Corpus Vault (59th St between 1st & 2nd Ave). Dr. Entropy revived him in the Yankee Stadium in order to bring chaos to the whole world. He planned to employ again his management style, hire all the best people and if he wouldn't conquer every surrounding region within 48 hours, he'd fire them and hire a new set.

The Superhero League of Hoboken revived Billy Martin. Firstly happy to see Billy, he was soon irritated by a disagreement and fired him, to which Martin responded by quitting. The two left together arguing.

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