The Hall of Kings is a grim and evil place across the Valley of Shale.

It was the burial ground for a race of men that worshipped the gods of death. only the priests were permitted to leave, and anyone else was doomed to be prisoned there to serve the dead or sacrificed. It is a maze of tunnels and passages with many treasures from various ages dedicated to the gods of death. These are poisoned or trapped to lure the unwary and create more sacrifice victims.

During the Third War of the Races Allanon led Shea Ohmsford and Balinor Buckhannah through the deadly Hall of Kings on their way to the Druid's Keep.


Years later, the Shifter summoned Brona back from the dead with the Ildatch. Brona made it his domain.

Allanon led Jak Ohmsford and his party there, through its mazes and traps. King Balinor and Eventine Elessedil also assembled armies to attack Brona directly, but Jak destroyed him before any attack.

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