Hendel was a Dwarf.

During the Third War of the Races a council was held there, and Hendel with Allanon, Balinor Buckhannah, Shea Ohmsford, Menion Leah and 2 Elves were sent on the quest to find the Sword of Shannara.

When he learned that Prince Balinor Buckhannah was imprisoned unjustly by his brother, he sought to help him. He sneaked into the castle of Tyrsis and freed Balinor and his Elven companions from the dungeon and led them upwards toward the cellar. But then Stenmin's men stopped them; the huge trapdoor of the cellar was closed and they were trapped once more.

Hendel also fought at the side of Balinor when Brona's army surrounded the city. During the last battle he remembered stories of secret passages below cellars and with Menion Leah he raced to block the enemies who were sneaking into the city, led by Stenmin. They fought their way to the cellar and he fought bravely while Menion used all his strength to close the massive stone trapdoor. Suddenly Hendel called Menion; he looked up and saw Hendel fall, killed by Stenmin. Menion wept and then looked up at Stenmin who tried to sneak out of the cellar, and slew him with Hendel's mace.

His mace was kept as a relic in Tyrsis. 20 years later, his relative Brendel came from Culhaven to claim it.