Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Tran served as Executive and Weapons Officer on the Lexington. She resided in stateroom 2C.

On March 18, Tran called a Nuclear Plant Casualty Drill during the first dog watch (which happened to be her sleep shift). Her Damage Control team didn't fare well but Mary Quan suspected that Tran set them up, as she simulated a computer failrre at the same time as the NPC. It took them ~9 mins to isolate and contain the failure and set Condition Yoke for the contaminated areas. Tran wasn't happy and reamed her team.

On March 24 Tran ordered another nuke emergency drill, this time for a mock Nuclear Weapons Incident.

In the original timeline Tran follows Steven Dayna's plan and leaves two messages to the player, one telling him that the player must get to Engineering and stop the runaway chain reaction, then get the central computer back online and a second one telling him how to communicate to Erebus.

In the altered timeline she was put to keep an eye on the player who was mistaken for a spy, speaking about the bomb in the ship. However he managed to evade her and go to the bridge.