Kili was a Dwarf soldier from Culhaven, actually a monster of Brona transformed into a Dwarf.

As a scout he found guards from Tyrsis having being ambushed by monsters. The dying messenger spoke a message from King Balinor Buckhannah, warning of Brona's return, and the need to protect the Hammer of Power.

When Brendel returned with a party of adventurers seeking the Hammer, Leader Toban denied it to them because of the warning and ordered them to leave on the morning. That same night Kili stole the Hammer from its plaque using a chair to climb and hid it in the fireplace. Seeing that his red sash was dirty, he hid it in a stein, which however was broken, and he put it in the prison cell. Then he announced the theft of the Hammer during the change of the guards.

The next day the travelers were accused for the theft and he accompanied Jak Ohmsford who was tasked to find the Hammer within the Culhaven Great Hall. Jak discovered the hidden sash and accused Kili for the theft. Then Kili was transformed into a monster and attacked Jak. Seeing this, Telsek broke the door of their cell and came to Jak's aid, killing the monster.

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