Lieutenant JG Kimberly Falcon was the Communications Officer of USS Lexington and had promotion prospects. She stayed in stateroom 3B.

During Mission 161 she started a relationship with James Poole and was sleeping with him. He gave her a note with his VIS override code. Mary Quan was surprised by his choice, since other 'knockout' girls in the ship were hitting on him.

Falcon room

Falcon's stateroom

She kept a communications book in her stateroom where she noted: "TCS hardcoded for JASMINE - no other commcode authorized for M161"

Original timelineEdit

During the Battle of Persephone she broadcast a distress signal:

All Alliance ships: This is the USS Lexington -- hull ID: Lima Charlie Bravo Hotel Zero Niner.

Mayday, mayday! We are under attack by a UN Geneva class heavy cruiser. Our defensive screen is being penetrated, our mission is being compromised. The ship has sustained serious damage. The electronics in the external communications array were shorted out by an enemy strike while we were moving the dish to acquire a new transmission. Our dish is now locked in a useless position. If you receive this message, please re-transmit to the Alliance base on Erebus as soon as possible. Stand by for a coded telemetry burst with mission data under "Paradox" encryption.


Falcon is portrayed by (and named after) Susannah Falcon

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