A lava tube opening in the Garden gaping 1/5 of the way up the wall, on the top of a ledge. Its mouth is round and enough light streamed in from the suntubes overhead to fill it with plant life.

The Watercave represents the second part of the convection cycle: it brings the Downsider water quota, which in turn comes from the cooled-down and filtered air that came from Upside.

A cold breeze blow steadily from the depths of the cavern and a stream reaches back into the darkness to feed the waterfall that spills freezing water over its lip. A large outcrop divides the falling water, half of it falling through a series of cascading heated pools down the side of the wall, the ones of the bottom being steaming; the other half drops in a series of icy water curtains raising a veil of mist where the two temperatures mingled.

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