Miki Akiro was a woman from Osaka. She studied at UC Berkeley where she studied computer science, including some about Heeche computers. She moved to Los Angeles where she stayed for 6 years working as a cyberneticist for TeraDyne working to build a better AI. Bored of her life, with her retirement savings and bought a ticket for Gateway as a Prospector.

She flew three unsuccessful missions and as she got desperate with her money running out, she got a high risk course from her Corporation rep. Having spent a month in transit, she came near Rigel and found the Artifact. She used the maneuvering thrusters to come behind and take pictures when the tractor beam locked on and took her inside.

There she explored a little and tried to find the bridge in order to fly it back to Earth. But then she was killed by the robotic spider and her mind was uploaded to the ship's computer by the Oldest One.

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