The Supply Officer of the Lexington was serving with the Fleet Tender USS Hesparus in 2131. During that time he bought a pre-holographic emulsion type photograph of one of Jupiter's moon from a junk shop.

He was picked by Captain Steven Dayna for Mission 161. Dayna believed in his unconventional approach to problem solving. He made a high level, special request for his assignment to the crew shortly before the Lexington was scheduled to depart and was assigned on the day of departure from the Eisenhauer orbital docks of Titan. During the mission, he stayed in stateroom 2E.

Original timelineEdit

After the Battle of Persephone, Dayna chose him as the sole survivor who should remain behind and complete the mission. He knew he was not the UN spy and believed in his irrational, insubordinate, stubborn streak, even though he had no combat experience or piloting skills. He found him alone on Deck 2 and hit him unconscious. Also, he left him a note with crude instructions and his VIS code to his stateroom.

Following Jennifer Tran's directions, he repaired the Lexington and contacted Charles Decker at Erebus. He then used Hype on himself and managed to repel the attack of two UN ships. He also neutralized the anti-matter bomb planted by spy James Poole.

Afterwords he landed on Persephone and activated the time-gate, only to find himself in a bleak future of Earth, in 2295. The ELFs he met decided to send his memories to the past in order to change history. It is not known if this version of himself died two weeks later, or if the ELFs found a cure for the Hype.

Alternate timelineEdit

Memories and knowledge arrived in his brain while on the Lexington, concerning the future, and delirious started to shout about a spy, a bomb and an upcoming battle. He was transferred to the Medlab and was warded by Tran. After evading him, managed to inject Hype to himself and then reached the bridge and convinced Dayna about the ambush of the UNS Dharma.

Dayna sent Battle Drone Foxtrot to scout the other side of the planet and didn't return and believed what he was syaing. The officer then connected to the Hype/Telecon system and managed to destroy the Dharma.

After that, the science team of the USS Jericho landed on the planet; the mission ended successfully and the time-gate was energized. As he expected his death in two weeks, his only alternative was to pass the time-gate once more. He arrived again in a different future. Presumably his brain was cured from the Hype and lived on the inside of a Dyson sphere where 'Earth used to be'.

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