Prince Palance Buckhannah was the son of King Ruhl Buckhannah and Prince of Tyrsis. He enjoyed the respect and love of the people, like his brother, Crown Prince Balinor Buckhannah. He was in love with Shirl Ravenlock of Kern. When his father grew ill he took over the duties of the king, heavily advised by Stenmin who manipulated him through flattery and accusing his brother.

He persuaded him to disband the Border Patrol. When he learned that Shirl was kidnapped, Stenmin accused Balinor, so When he returned to Tyrsis, Palance declared him a traitor and condemned him to death. Meanwhile, Menion Leah rescued Shirl from her kidnappers and came to Tyrsis, warning them tha a mighty army burned Kern and marched toward Tyrsis. Palance was only happy to see Shirl again, he showed no interest in the news. When Menion freed Balinor from the cellar, Prince Palance came upon them; Stenmin failed to reassert his power of the prince. He tried to escape through the stone stairs, and slew the Palance who stood in his way with his dagger.

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