Panamon Creel was an adventurer.


His arm had been severed below the left elbow and a vicious spike was attached in its place. However he claimed to despise weapons and fought with his hand.

During the Third War of the Races he was a friend of Keltset. He helped Shea Ohmsford find the Sword of Shannara.


After the War he did a fair amount of wandering and had a lot of experience about all the races. The Troll King was his friend. When returning north for a visit he saw a Troll that looked much like Keltset; it was his son, Telsek.

He and Telsek were tracking a party of Elves who took the Black Irix from the Troll homelands. While in the Streleheim Plains he was separated fro Telsek and was seen fighting alone several monsters, and was joined by some travelers led by Shea's son, Jak Ohmsford, who were looking for Aine Elessedil. Telsek followed the tracks and they ended up in a closed canyon. There, Brona's monsters, disguised as Elves and Trolls surrounded and attacked them.

With the Elven prince freed and the Black Irix retrieved, Telsek delivered the Black Irix to the Troll King and they explained that the war was instigated by Brona to lead the races to war, but the King preferred to fight the Elves than Brona. Creel proposed a Challenge of Champions to end the war. During the Challenge the King kept him captive in his camp, with his life in danger as he threatened to kill him if they lose the Challenge.

The Trolls won the Challenge and the war, and with Telsek going against Brona, Creel stayed with the Troll King hoping to teach him honor.

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