Peloria is the world of Spellcasting.

Peloria is made of five basic building blocks of matter: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Food, and as Sittingduck proved, no other types of matter can exist.


According to mythology, Peloria is the child of Ocarina and Glockenspiel, and embodied both tremendous beauty and great ugliness. Each desired to raise the babe and thus were sown the seeds of a great battle. The fight over Peloria raged between each of the gods' and goddesses' armies and their embers became the stars.

Baccarat took the disputed Peloria and tore the babe limb from limb, rent out the organs and crushed them into little bits, and flung them into the void where they exploded into a roiling mass of fire, ice, smoke and dust. From this cloud sprang the world of Peloria.

When the war ended with the union of Baccarat and Bagatelle, the gods co-mingled and settled into a hidden corner. To amuse themselves, they created the plants, animals, monsters and people whom ethey gathered into towns and villages to keep an easy eye on them.


Rain is caused by a giant rodent which drinks the water if the Great Cascade and then spits it to the sky. Draughts are periods when the rodent is thirsty and monsoons when the rodent is sated.

The seasons are the doings of a giant dragon and a giant ice monster which live on its back, and hibernate in turns. The ice monster's breath chills air and freezes lakes and mountainside when the dragon is sleeping. Smellybowloffish claimed in International Journal of Spellcasting that there are 3 dragons and seven ice monster, disregarding Fourdyingoaktrees' treatise that there is insufficient room on the back of the great rodent.