Persephone aka Deneb Kaitos 6, code named "Pandora" is a planet 68 light years away from Earth.

Surface material includes rock, water ice, liquid and frozen methane and other hydrocarbons. Spectral analysis of the atmosphere shows components like methane, nitrogen, hydrogen, ethane, acetylene, ethylene and hydrogen cyanide. In the -290 temperature, chemical ice formations that resemble large crystals hard as rock.


Distance from Deneb Kaitos
11 AUs
Orbital period
3 Earth years
2.5 times Earth normal
21,233 km


Ages ago in the past, some Electronic Life Forms from the future were threatened with extinction. The threat was not known, but it was supposed that they were facing doom in the form of the collapse during a war with humanity. Finding a way back in time, they built an installation on the planet with the intention of changing their past. The installation was a gate which manipulated an artificial quantum singularity which created a wormhole, acting as a gateway through time and space, leading to Earth in the year 2295

Ages later, Persephone and the installation was discovered by the Alliance of Free States. This discovery however overwrote the old timeline.

USS Lexington and Jericho were sent in a top secret Mission 161 to study and consolidate the base, however because of treachery, the mission was compromised. The Lexington was stranded in a .2 gee powered orbit 400 km above the planet.