Drones in action

Lockheed-Martin RC09 Basilisk Multimission Autonomous Strike Craft are a model of battle drones.

Each drone is capable of carrying several types of ordnance mounted on standard hardpoints on the dorsal and ventral surfaces. Drone weapons include antiship missiles, torpedoes, particle beam guns, railgun cannons, and lasers. A Basilisk drone with a full combat ordnance load is capable of accelerating at 100 gravities.

For example, the Lexington's principal weapons system is a complement of 18 drones, while up to 9 can be active at one time. The drones are deployed using rotary launchers mounted in 3 weapon bays.

Drones can take one of three configurations:

Fighter Attack Bomber
Image Fighter Attack Bomber
Role Lightly armored, highly maneuverable typically used for reconnaissance and light attack missions Heavily armed and armored, usually used for escorting bombers or for defending capital ships Used to deliver heavy ordnance, aiming primarily to destroy enemy capital ships
Propulsion Chemical reaction thrusters
Acceleration 100 gravities 95 gravities 90 gravities
Armament Heavy particle beam weapons
10 gigawatt pulse lasers
Interceptor anti-drone missiles
Viper anti-ship missiles
Grand Slam heavy anti-ship missile
Firefly anti-sensor missiles