Diamond-shaped stones with the smallest being the size of a hand. They are insribed with a Rune Symbol representing a magical property: Elf, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life.

Most Elvish scholars believed them to be symbolic, arcane and lost to later knowledge. Davio believed They are linked somehow with the Rhyme of Runes the Rune Rock and the Elfstones.

They were scattered around Arborlon; only the Elf, Water and Life Runes were intact and the others were destroyed but could be constructed.

  • Elf is a pendant worn by the royal house.
  • Earth is an inverted shape insribed in a flagstone.
  • Air is a shape that could be seen on the weather vane of the royal manor
  • Water is an ornament set on the Arborlon Green fountain.
  • Fire is a metallic shape on a manor chimney.
  • Life is used a a lock to the gate of the Garderns of Life.

They were actually a key to unlock the Rune Rock and reveal a forgotten set of apparently the last Elfstones.