Scranton is a city-state and sector.

Its marketplace is located at 4,11 and provides Hostelry, Shaman and Armory. The Highschool is located at 6,5. There is a temple dedicated to Saint Elvis at 1,10. Priests announced the appearance of his likeness in a coffee stain on a column in their anteroom and the village became the focus of much attention, however the city-state was overrun by the overwhelming onslaught of pilgrims and sightseers and dissident elements were discussing setting fire to the temple.

Truck accident happened in the Waterfront District and superheroes went to lend a hand.

The bananas are located at 15,9

The Intercity Mag-Lev Transit Subway is located at 11,8 giving access to Newark (grey) and Buffalo (gold).

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