Shea Ohmsford


Shea is the last descendant of Jerle Shannara. He was an innkeeper in Shady Vale. The Druid Allanon took him and his brother Flick Ohmsford to Culhaven.


There they held a cuncil and he revealed to them that Brona returned and he could be defeated only by the Sword of Shannara, which could be wielded only by Jerle's descendants. With his brother they joined Balinor Buckhannah, Hendel, Menion Leah and two Elves.

The team confronted an Arachnid at the Wolfsktaag Mountains and barely managed to drive the creature off. Shea was fateally wounded. He was taken to Storlock and was cured by the Gnome Healers.

Allanon led Shea and Balinor Buckhannah through the deadly Hall of Kings on their way to the Druid's Keep. Panamon Creel accompanied Shea find the Sword.

In the process the brothers were separated from the team.


Shea confronted Brona in Skull Mountain and killed him with the Sword, ending the Third War of the Races. Shea donated the Sword to Tyrsis and was kept in a Vault.

Shea was the last known person to use Elfstones and kept the last ones in Shady Vale.


He became the father of Jak Ohmsford. When his son was little they visited his friend Menion Leah in Leah.

After the pain and loss Shea witnessed, he was disillusioned by adventures and returned to working his inn with his son. This was a point of friction with Jak who dreamed of adventures and becoming a hero like his father. After one of their arguments, Shea left silently.

Jak's dreams would come true, as allanon returned to Shady Vale to warn them that Brona was building him power againas monsters roamed the Four Lands. He sent Jak to Leah while he helped Shea defend Shady Vale from the monsters. The Border Legion also came to their aid.

After the final defeat of Brona, Shea came to Tyrsis for the cereony to reseal the Sword of Shannara and reconciled with his son.

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