The Silver River of the Four Lands flows between the Wolfsktaag Mountains and Culhaven and feeds the Rainbow Lake. It is associated with the entity known as the King of the Silver River.

The Shifter and Brona's minions ambushed Jak Ohmsford's party as they were on their way to Culhaven, but they were rescued by the King.

Silver river

Soon after, Toban told them that Brona's armies were constructing a bridge to cross the River and attack Culhaven. Jak and his companions went upriver and through the woods up to a beaver dam across one of its tributaries. They stacked up logs behind the dam and using magic they caused the logs to race down the river and break the bridge.

They climbed on a remnant of the bridge to attack the remaining monsters, which broke and took them down the raging river to the west, bringing them a few miles away from the Mountains of Runne.

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