The UN expropriated and decommercialized the major agribusiness companies, and genetic engineering provided crops for every ecosystem which renewed the soil and prevented erosion. Simple systems brought electricity to most of the planet. along with sanitation and health care, while the Net was brought to the most primitive village. The UN Social Charter formalized the changes and guaranteed basic human rights, although the advanced nations declined to back it up with the military force of the Economic Charter.

The Line Two conditions of the EC were carried over to divide the enforcement of human rights. In the have-not countries, only the most blatant violations would lead to UN intervention. The Line Two countries were not required to implement the full range of the Social Charter's standards for welfare, justice and health care.

After the Secession War (alternate timeline), the Alliance Treaty reinstated and updated the Social Charter in the Alliance nations but left the disenfranchised citizens of the former UN to fend for themselves. It provided for and enforced universal freedom and justice and established Corrective Services.

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