(Capt. Dayna's last log; can be heard when you activate the computer terminal in his room)

USS Lexington, Captain's log. I don't have much time. The bridge recorders and comm logs will have full transcripts of the events that led to the current situation. This is a subjective account intended for the Captain's Log only. I'm afraid any gaps must be filled in later using previous entries.

A lot has gone wrong since we first arrived in orbit around Persephone, a Godforsaken world at the end of a 68 light-year voyage that has tried my ship and my crew. The details of this mission are known only to myself, my ΧΟ Lieutenant Commander Tran, and the Captain of the Jericho, the science ship we've escorted from Earth. The three of us have carried this secret, a burden that has gotten heaver during each week of the trip out. We knew that what we might find on Persephone could well help us turn the tide in the war with the United Nations. We knew that it might even change the course of human history.

Things haven't worked out that way. And as strange as it seems, I think the crew knew towards the end that this was going to be an one-way trip. A sense of foreboding crept over the ship as Persephone came into visual range. As we got closer, I could see it in their eyes, in their drawn and exhausted faces. I could feel it in myself. An almost palpable dread that permeated every corner of the ship. It was justified. Nothing could had prepared us for the hell that waited for us on the other side of Persephone.

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