Superhero Leagues arose amidst the bleak backdrop of the 2200s. They were founded by people wose mutations or bionic enancements have given them Powers and Abilities Far Beyond Those of Mortal Men.


The SL of Hoboken HQ was built on te site of a mansion Castle Stevens at te highest point of Hoboken, a rocky promontory overlooking the Hudson. It became the site of a tevens Institute of Technology administration building and between 2012 and the Great Collapse it was the site of a repository of local history exhibits. Part of the Museum of Hoboken history still exists there, undisturbed, below the HQ. It also features a lifelike statue of Frank Sinatra and a large oil painting of the first recorded baseball game. The HQ is under an impregnable dome, purchased by mail order from L. L. Bean's Impregnable Bubbledome division.

the highlight of its social calendar is the annual Cunco de Mayo party.

The SL became a fourth-rate SL in a corner of New Jersey that sunk to the bottom rung of the League hierarchy during its leader's tenure. It is composed by Tenth Class Superheroes and itss current leader is the Crimson Tape. Other members include Iron Tummy, Tropical Oil Man, RoboMop, Mademoiselle Pepperoni, Captain Excitement.

Its archnemesis is the nefarious Dr. Entropy, spawn of a junkyard determined to thward the rebirth of civilization.


The mission of the Superhero League of Hoboken is to mitigate the surffering brought on by the current dark age; to maintain a balance of power between the villages; to fanatically caretake the old knowledge until the day that men and woman can again understand and use it; to carefully nurture the flame of civilization and fan it into the birth of a new society; and to serve as a place where superheroes can always be assured of finding a date on Saturday night.

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