Name Ability Found Price Type
neutron sword20Princess Glovebox h2h
le legume10Chippawa331health
l'isotopes rustique80Chippawa855rust
sceptre-style flamethrower18King Midas shoot
deflector crown16King Midas head
diamond chastity belt20Princess Glovebox groin
suede stealth sandals17Princess Glovebox feet
brownish-red isotope15Poughkeepsie148rust
redding-brown isotope15Poughkeepsie148rust
straw-colored isotope33Poughkeepsie224cholesterol
fish sandwich1Poughkeepsie30brains
beef teriyaki12Poughkeepsie355brawn
low-power repulsion belt15Poughkeepsie138waist
force field earrings14Poughkeepsie122ears
bulletproof vest12Poughkeepsie94chest
purple tubepass Yonkers403
lead longjohns Yonkers276
orienteering guide Yonkers115
lemon-colored isotope55Yonkers336cholesterol
ebony isotope15Yonkers86sleep
fish goulash5Yonkers139brains
beef goulash5Yonkers139brawn
turqoise isotope 10 Paterson 32 Treading Water
vegetable sandwich 1 Paterson 27 health
beef patty 1 Paterson 27 brawn
bag 20 Paterson 55
cheese-eating microbes Paterson 60
can of sheep spray Paterson 115
pea shooter 2 The Iron Tummy Shooting weapon
rusty nail 3 The Iron Tummy h2h
aerobic shoes 3 The Iron Tummy feet
spitball shooter 2 Tropical Oil Man Shooting weapon
sunglasses 1 Tropical Oil Man eyes
pointy stick 2 RoboMop h2h
rubber gloves 1 RoboMop hands
mace 6 Miss Pepperoni h2h
oven mitts 2 Miss Pepperoni hands
Gore-Tex hot pants 2 Miss Pepperoni groin
padded belt 1 Miss Pepperoni waist
paddleball set 3 Captain Excitement shooting
nerf earmuffs 2 Captain Excitement ears
two-by-four 2 Crimson Tape h2h
ace bandage 1 Crimson Tape knees
steel belt 3 Cabinet waist
fireplace poker 3 Cabinet h2h
sling shot 4 Cabinet shoot
rubber knee pads 4 Cabinet knees
shatterproof monocle 2 Jersey City 6 eyes
nerf shoulder pads 2 Jersey City 6 shoulders
padded jockstrap 5 Jersey City 19 groin
extra-large rubber band 3 Jersey City 4 shooting
billy club 4 Jersey City 7 h2h
baking soda and vinegar rocket 4 Hackensack 7 shooting
tire iron 7 Hackensack 17 h2h
pitching machine 5 Paterson 10 shoot
dart gun 5 Paterson 10 shoot
broken bottle 5 Paterson 10 h2h
lead-lined boots 6 Paterson 27 feet
asbestos fanny pack 5 Paterson 20 waist
glare-inducing belt 8 East Orange 42 waist
padded skullcap 5 East Orange 20 head
rubber earmuffs 4 East Orange 14ears
iron thimble 1 East Orange 5 hands
yellow isotope 12 Cabinet 2 Increase cholesterol
gray pass Cabinet 2
sawed-off shotgun 12 Treader Man shoot
pitchfork 8Treader Man h2h
rubber cape 5 Treader Man shoulder
plastic goggles 3 Treader Man eyes
copper-plated cummerbund 13 Bernardsville 101 waist
steel knee pads 11 Bernardsville 76 knees
steel epaulets 7Bernardsville 36shoulders
impervo contact lenses 6Bernardsville 28eyes
silly string 8 Morristown 22 shoot
brass knuckles 16Morristown 61 h2h
modified joy buzzer13Morristown 45h2h
Swiss army knife9Morristown 26h2h
teflon belt 12Piscataway86waist
steel shoulder pads11Piscataway74shoulder
football helmet10Piscataway63head
rocket shoes8Piscataway43feet
fish tettrazini8Piscataway218brains
fish scallopini7Piscataway191brawn
bulletproof briefs14Scranton 1 3 groin
steel earmuffs11 Scranton74ears
nerf knee pads 22 Scranton7knees
blood-colored isotope 10 Piscataway94 induce rust
dark gray isotope 70 Piscataway315 put animals to sleep
blood-colored isotope 10 Piscataway94 induce rust
vegetable patty 1 Piscataway27 health
fish dumpling 5 Piscataway136 brains
wire cutters Piscataway93
50y transmitter Piscataway150
Saturday night special11Oxide Man shoot
arsenic-tipped deer antlers15Oxide Man h2h
steel-lined boots9Oxide Man feet
iron jockstrap9Oxide Man groin
beef kabob9Cabinet 3 brawn
museum key Cabinet 3
low-power laser 16 Mineola61 shoot
ginsu knife12Mineola40h2h
cattle prod10Mineola31h2h
green isotope 8Princeton136Root Rot
raven isotope 3Princeton168Put Animals to Sleep
teal isotope 50Princeton153Treading Water
termite eggs Princeton143
hip-mounted catapult25Princeton128shoot
bowel disruptor20Princeton91shoot
high-power force field25Freehold349chest
teflon jockstrap24Freehold324groin
concrete knee pads18Freehold195knees
henna isotope30Huntington299induce rust
flaxen isotope40Huntington279cholesterol
onyx isotope48Huntington245sleep
sky blue isotope86Huntington263treading
vegetable tempura20Huntington609health
moo shi beef24Huntington731brawn
titanium cutoffs30Huntington483groin
concrete cardigan27Huntington400chest
neutron fez26Huntington374head
medium-power laser30Staten Island167shoot
trained doberman50Staten Island361h2h
small chainsaw25Staten Island128h2h
fish knish10Staten Island296brains
fishstix6Staten Island177brains
fish pop6Staten Island177brains
orange tubepass Staten Island122
inflatable dinghy Staten Island918
high-power laser50Mighty Magnitude shoot
moby chainsaw40Mighty Magnitude h2h
deflector horn rims8Mighty Magnitude eyes
bulletproof pocket protector6Mighty Magnitude chest
vegetable burger2Cabinet6health
discombobulator35Staten Island211shoot
silver tubepass Staten Island551
fish tempura20Staten Island592brains
beef pierogi18Staten Island532brawn
swarm of hornets60Middleton516shoot
modified jet engine74Middleton722h2h
buffalo whip9Middleton30h2h
pocket missile defense30Middleton511chest
deflector earrings22Middleton294ears
concrete earmuffs18Middleton206ears
smart bomb launcher75Toastbuster shoot
smart gloves40Toastbuster hands
asbestos apron13Toastbuster chest
sharpened toothpick1Zaniac h2h
deflector undies33Zaniac groin
reflective visor10Zaniac eyes
vege frappe Cabinet7health
vegetable fondue8Vending machine232health
fish felafel23Vending machine667brains
beef crepe10Vending machine290brawn
Groucho glasses42Tonawanda952eyes
cotton balls1Tonawanda6ears
loden isotope24Tonawanda352root rot
la missile du Mounties90Chippawa974shoot
l'isotope blanc100Chippawa741Beaver Jaw
l'isotope d'argent95Chippawa2274Confuse

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