The Sword of Shannara is a magical weapon, the only that could destroy Brona.


It was forged with the magic of Bremen. It was wielded by Jerle Shannara to defeat Brona during the Second War of the Races.


When Brona returned 500 years later, Allanon led Shea Ohmsford to Druid's Keep to find the Sword and battle Brona once more. After the Third War of the Races, Shea donated the Sword to Tyrsis and was kept in a Vault.

Herein lies the heart and soul of the nations
Their right to be free men
Their desire to live in peace
Their courage to seek out truth
Herein lies the Sword of Shannara


When Brona returned 20 years later, his magic blocked the Vault with a magical barrier. Jak Ohmsford was sent by Allanon to retrieve the Sword and had to use a Spell of Disruption. Then it was found that the Sword was broken; Allanon said that 4 magical artifacts from all of the Four Lands to reforge the Sword again: the Hammer of Power, the Black Irix, the Magic Torc and Elfstones.

Jak carried the shards of the Sword. He had to give them briefly to Hani in exchange of his shield, in order to end the war between Elves and Valley of Shaleission, and gave his shield without taking the shards.


At the Valley of Shale, Allanon summoned Bremen's shade and the combined magic of the races reforged the Sword. Jak used it in the Hall of Kings and wielding it brought him to face himself and his past actions. Then he used it to destroy the Ildatch.


Afterwards the Sword was resealed in the Vault of Tyrsis.

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