TS boom

The housings for the delicate and dangerous FTL jump drive along with a cluster of sensors

Tal-Seto (TS) is a technology which allows faster than light travel. The technology involves a natural 'network' of connected threads of spacetime deformation, linking together nodes, known as Tal-Seto jump points.


The first Tal-Seto stardrive was invented in 2055 and allowed instantaneous travel along the threads between the jump points. The UNSEC was renamed to UNISEC. It soon discovered two planets that would support life and undertook an ambitious colonization program.

The following years saw exploration in order to discover and map the existing jump points. Ships were equipped with Tal-Seto Faster Than Light jump drives, usually located on the boom forward of the bow. Ships also had a "Panic Button" which manually aborts a computer-sequenced jump right up until the jump drive cores engage. A TS-related hazard is an unstable TS field locus.

Original timelineEdit

After the Secession War and the victory of the UN over the Alliance of Free States, by 2250 the known network of TS jump points has been completely explored and mapped and was discovered to be finite. The only option was to send sublight probes to the nearest (unconnected) stars hoping to find a new network of stars and Tal-Seto junctions.

The UN High Command detonated a reserved doomsday device which created resonances along the TS jump threads between stars, to rip apart the fabric of space-time. The resonances rendered the TS junctions dynamically unstable. All jump points disappeared along with interstellar travel and communications; humans (along with the community of ELFs) in the solar system were cut off.

The triumphant ELFs calculated that in 2297, a large section of the Milky Way would collapse, and each star along the junctions will be pulled into a massive black hole caused by the folding of space-time.

Alternate timelineEdit

It is not known what happened in the alternate timeline where the Alliance of Free States won the war, other than the aftermath prevented the war with the ELFs and consequently the government had no reason to destroy the jump points as a desperate measure.

Presumably the finite network was still explored and mapped at some point.

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