The Dwarf leader of the Culhaven clan. Brendel thinks that he acts like an idiot.

Kili brought him a message from Balinor Buckhannah that Brona returned and the Hammer of Power should never leave Culhaven and be used against him. Brendel returned with the mace of Hendel from Tyrsis and his party requested the Hammer of Power to reforge the Sword of Shannara, but Toban stuck to Balinor's warning. He ordered them to leave Culhaven on the morning.

The next day the Hammer was missing and Toban immediately accused the travelers. He tasked Brendel to find the Hammer within the Hall, but Brendel said that Jak Ohmsford was his leader, so Brendel was put in prison with the others and ordered Jak to find the Hammer until sundown.

Jak's investigation revealed that Kili was a monster of Brona disguised as a Dwarf and he stole the Hammer. Toban released his friends and ordered them to find it. Afterwards, he told them that Brona's monsters were passing the Silver River to attack Culhaven.

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