Troll king
The king of the Trolls of the Four Lands.

When it was reported that a party of Elves stole the Black Irix from the Troll homelands, the Troll King waged war against them, and Telsek was honor-bound to retrieve it. In the meantime the Elves met with the Trolls for war in the Streleheim Plains accusing them for kidnapping Elven prince Aine Elessedil.

Telsek returned the Black Irix to the Troll King in his camp and was told by Jak Ohmsford that the war was instigated by Brona, but the Troll King did not want to retreat, as Brona would be a more difficult opponent than the Elves. His friend Panamon Creel proposed a Challenge of Champions to end the war, but the King would not let them leave to go to the Elves's camp so Telsek staked his life.

The rules allowed the Elves to choose the weapon for the Challenge, and they chose a Challenge of riddles. The Troll King was furious to hear this, and Telsek and the travelers were threatened to be executed if Telsek lost the fight. During the Challenge he kept Creel captive in his camp to die with them.

The Trolls won the Challenge, but the King then ordered to massacre all the Elves. Then an Elf emerged behind him, and a Troll attacked King Eventine Elessedil; both were Brona's monsters. After the fight, the Troll King was so satisfied that he made peace with the Elves. Eventine proposed a truce and gave the Plains to the trolls. Many Trolls awarded Telsek the Black Irix and shouted that he should become their new King, but Telsek preferred to follow Jak against Brona. Creel stayed with the Troll King hoping to teach him honor.

Later, the Trolls agreed with Eventine to coordinate their movements against Brona.

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