Dharma above Persephone

UNS Dharma was a UN Geneva-class heavy cruiser commanded by Garrick.


It was sent to compromise Mission 161 and ambush the Alliance ships USS Lexington and USS Jericho. With James Poole as a contact for the UN, Dharma waited on the far side of Persephone with orders to attack and then board the vessels.

Original timelineEdit

Dharma launched 12 Gali-class battle drones against the ships. After the ensuing battle, Garrick waited for the surrender of the crew. But with the actions of Steven Dayna, a 500 kiloton nuclear warhead hidden in the ship-to-ship missile detonated, destroying the ship and killing all of the crew of the 3 ships; so that the discovery on the planet would not be given to the UN.

Alternate timelineEdit

A supply officer on board the Lexington, receiving an insight from the future, notified the commanders about Poole's treachery and persuaded the captain to allow him to employ the Hype drug in order to use the prototype Hype/Telecon system.

Dharma bye

With this, the Lexington anticipated the attack and managed to destroy the Dharma.


During the communication mini-game, several TRBs (TRB031, TRB392 and TRB978) display the following notification

NIS REQUEST - Position of UNS Dharma - Reply FLASH 

which indicates that the NIS was looking for Dharma

TRB213 displays:

NIS REQUEST - Report Contact - Enemy Vessel UNS Dharma

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